Sharjah, November 21, 2016

Liberty Automobiles held a press conference on Monday 21 November – at Sharjah FC – to announce a new sponsorship deal with Sharjah Football Club. The partnership will see the Chevrolet logo emblazoned across the football team’s jerseys.

In addition, and as part of the sponsorship agreement, Liberty Automobiles will provide the Club with its vehicle requirements from its Chevrolet line-up.

“At Liberty Automobiles we are proud to be joining forces with Sharjah FC, the cities’s most popular football club and one of most decorated in the UAE” said Rimoun Hanouch, Liberty Automobiles’ Group General Manager. “Our partnership is rooted in our shared vision and drive to be at the pinnacle of our respective fields, commitment to excellence and steadfast dedication to solidifying our respective heritage legacies. This sponsorship sees the coming together of two great organizations representing the city of Sharjah, and we look forward to the club’s prosperity.”

Sharjah FC was first founded in 1966. In parallel, Liberty Automobiles has maintained an iconic presence in the city of Sharjah for over 40 years.